Hello! I’m Otobong – a Product Designer from Lagos, Nigeria.

My Work

Demystifying Lending in Nigeria into a 5 minutes process.

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Empowering Improving the Investment Process of Doubble - Mobile App

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Empowering Improving the Investment Process of Doubble - Web App

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Evolving a reactive investigation into a proactive monitoring process.

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Develop potential solutions. Prototype, and test concepts. Iterate, improve and refine feedback from end users.


Finding problems, opportunity or needs to be address. Gather insights, inspiration and rich knowledge into the problem.


Perform final test, document and launch. Setup and capture feedback. Share lessons and new knowledge to stakeholders.


Analyze the outputs discovered. Develop use cases and areas to focus upon, create the briefs and engage stakeholders.


UX is the joy if use.

User experience is not the ease of use rather the joy of use. I combine form and function to create delight that looks good.

Discover then Design.

You'll need sledge hammer to make expensive changes. Asking questions is my superpower; to discover and design.

Technology a enabler.

Technology is enabler and does not drive. I make data driven decisions. I prototype, integrate, and test assumptions.

Multitasking is a Myth.

You can’t multitask, so stop trying. I prioritize and give each task exactly what it needs - focus and time.
Ot is one of my favorite techies! He's detailed, able to dream and connect the dots between technology solutions and business development. He's always ready to help and make work easier for everyone. I enjoy working with him and look forward to him having many more achievements.
Khafil Animashaun
Sterling Bank Plc, Lagos, Nigeria.
Otobong is able to understand business needs and develop innovative IT solutions to meet these needs. He is versed in programming and business application development. I am very pleased to write this recommendation of his work and work habits, having worked with him very closely.
Igee Aimienwanu, CPA, CGA, MBA
Experienced Finance and Accounting Professional, Toronto, Canada Area
Otobong is an extremely talented web designer/programmer. I was privileged to work with him on multiple projects for Sterling bank. His dedication to tasks assigned and ability to work through a myriad of problems and provide first class solutions is definitely impressive. Looking forward to working with you in the future.
Carmen Ohen
Wells Fargo Securities, Houston, Texas.
Otobong, is no doubt a professional in his field. A highly skilled individual with a deep understanding of his role within a team. As a creative thinker, many are at loss of ways to optimize his abilities and talents but once this is crossed, there is no limit to the solutions he can bring to the table. It was a great experience working with him.
Idowu Adesina, MBA
UX Designer at InterNations GmbH, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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